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The Dirty Ducks are a group of good friends who like to play and have great times!  The name Dirty Ducks came into existence when the Wells purchased a large tract of land just outside Ducktown Tennessee and the group started riding ATV's here and then there and try to everywhere.  Sometimes the mud was enough to cover us from beaks to tail feathers and so the name Dirty Ducks stuck.  Each individual duck is given a unique name for something they did or caused to happen.  Mayor Duck, Polar Duck & WasUp Duck are all examples of a Duck Name. 

While the The Dirty Ducks are a private club it isn't hard to become a duck, all it takes is being invited to an event of sorts, if it's meant to be, you'll become a Dirty Duck.  Once a Duck, lookout because your Duck Name is certain to come.  But don't worry if you don't like it, some change rapidly like Speedy is now FlyN!  Now we have a Pyro Duck, Firework Duck and even a Not-So-Ninja Duck!

Follow the links to check out our website, some links are the pictures to the left.  You will find links to mountain real estate soon to be for sale in  the Tennessee Mountains!  Photo Gallery, RC pages, ATV and other links are scattered through out.  A couple of our good friends own Ocoee Yurt Company and Trails End Cabins so make sure you check out their website by clicking on their links in the right column under Quick Links.  The forum is gone for now, no one was using it and I was getting spam!  Instead you can find us on Facebook at Facebook Dirty Duck Group



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Picture of the New Cabin at the Dirty Duck Compound

Closest to Ducktown TN but really considered Turtletown!

Slideshow for album :: Wells TN House Construction

Thumbnails of  Wells TN Cabin Construction

Raisin Cain

All Dogs Go To Heaven

April 21, 1993 - August 8, 2006



Uncle Joe Bacenas

If all dogs go to heaven, then Ducks do too,

and we'll see you there!
















Shelby "Dancing Ray Of Sunshine"


All Dogs Go To Heaven!


October 24, 1994 -

 October 24, 2008

Meet the newest Dirty Duck

Grump's Iron Horse aka "Sonny"

Slide Show of The Dirty Duck Farm Pictures









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